Consumption of 8 of these foods so that your distended stomach quickly shrinks

Having a flat stomach or six-pack is everyone’s dream, both men and women. Most of the people of Adam and Eve are even willing to spend time and money in the fitness center to shrink the stomach. Unfortunately, the process of forming the stomach requires a long time.

But don’t worry, some of the foods below have been proven to be able to help you get a flat stomach quickly. Especially if coupled with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Any food:


For those who follow a diet program, you can make almonds as a side food. Behind it tastes good, it turns out that almonds are also rich in fiber, antioxidants, good fats, and vitamin E. The content of iron, zinc, and magnesium is very good for building muscle tissue.

Now you can find various almond preparations that are packaged in the form of healthy snacks. For example bark smoothies and bottles.


Apart from containing carbohydrates, seeds are also good for building muscle. Try to replace rice with processed grains to speed up the process of forming the stomach, so you can use crop top more often you want to travel anywhere.

Green Vegetables

A distended stomach is not only caused by fat buildup but also contains high gas in the body. To remove gas, consume vegetables such as broccoli and spinach.

Green vegetables have very high potassium levels, so the gas content in the body can be released quickly. Add broccoli or spinach to your healthy diet every day to get a flat stomach.


Very high potassium content can also be obtained by eating bananas every day. Bananas have carbohydrate reserves that contain backup energy, you are hungry.

Very high potassium content can also be obtained by eating bananas every day. Bananas have carbohydrate reserves that contain backup energy, you are hungry.

Bananas can be used as desserts, snacks or the main menu at breakfast. Is it mixed into oatmeal or made as a smoothie, banana flavor and the vitamin content will not disappear.

Berry berries

Not many people understand the benefits of berries, so they don’t often need this delicious fruit. Even though berries are rich in vitamin C, protein, phosphorus, carbohydrates, antioxidants, and antibacterials that are very good for the body.

Eating 35 grams of berries every day will help you reduce the amount of calorie intake every day. Magical berries become a good cup of smoothie as a healthy snack in the afternoon. Mix a little yogurt so it’s delicious.


Next, there are carrots that will help you get your ideal stomach. The content of fiber, protein, iodine, vitamins A and C contained in carrots will make you full for hours. The intention for a snack or large meal will decrease, so your diet program is safe.

People who go on a diet often add papaya to a healthy diet every day. Papaya contains very high levels of natural fiber and enzymes, so it is very good for speeding up the digestive process. In addition, there is also good content of vitamin C, vitamin A, phosphorus, iron, and minerals

Mix into processed noodles, meat, and spaghetti. To be more instant, you can eat carrots without mixing anything. Make sure the carrots have been approved in advance to remove germs and chemicals that stick to the skin.


Eat papaya every day so you have no trouble defecating in the morning. After defecating later, your stomach will immediately look on average so that it will be nice to see.


Avocados are known as fruits that have high-fat content. Don’t worry first, the fat content in avocados is good fat so it won’t make you fat. This good fat serves to eliminate hunger and neutralize blood sugar, so you also avoid diabetes.

Make avocados the complimentary fruit in your fruit smoothie cube. If you don’t like it, you can process avocados into a cup of fresh juice. Add chocolate milk that is low in calories and fat so that your diet program continues to run quickly.

Take care of your diet and practice

Now it’s time to maintain your diet if you want a slim or flat stomach quickly. Also equipped with mild exercises, such as sitting to improve the process of forming the abdominal muscles. Good luck.

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